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Welcome to the Fishy Business website. We are now in our 23rd year with the business and much has changed in that time. When we took over in 1993, we thought the name 'Fishy Business' was a nice, catchy one so we kept it. As well as quickly building a great reputation locally for service to retail customers, we very quickly got into supplying hotels and catering outlets. This was influenced by my wife's family who have been in the fish trade for generations and who supply most of the major hotels in central London. It was a natural progression for us to keep up the tradition.

Christmas Turkeys
As well as fulfilling orders for fresh fish and shellfish over the festive period, we are also proud suppliers of top quality fresh Turkeys, and have been for the last 10 years!

Our prices for 2011 are as follows:

4 - 5kg - ?4.41 per lb / ?9.72 per kg
5.5 - 6kg - ?4.20 per lb / ?9.25 per kg
6.5 - 7kg - ?4.01 per lb / ?8.85 per kg
7.5 - 8kg - ?3.81 per lb / ?8.40 per kg
8.5 - 10kg - ?3.63 per lb / ?8.00 per kg
10kg + - ?3.45 per lb / ?7.60 per kg

Crowns - All sizes are ?5.00 per lb / ?11.00 per kg

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